Since 2014 we have been working in the field of Human Resources with a distinctive set-up: a boutique featuring a lean organizational framework, consolidated professionalism, strong values and great trust in our relations with our clients.

We are fascinated by professional challenges, open exchanges of ideas and a passion for beautiful things; at the same time, we love silence, patience and time for reflection.

We pride ourselves on being:

  • rigorous and up-to-date in the use of the most appropriate methodologies,
  • attentive and skilled in intercepting the less obvious signals emitted by organizations,
  • prompt but never over-hasty in bringing the projects entrusted to us to a satisfactory conclusion.

We are appreciated for:

  • the transparency and consistency with which we express what we think and what we believe in,
  • our constant commitment to supporting our clients in their pathways to change,
  • our desire to work alongside our clients as trustworthy consultants rather than just service providers.


Renato Boniardi

Renato Boniardi

Born in Milan in 1951, Renato Boniardi graduated in Law from Milan’s Università degli Studi, and then specialized in Strategy and Organization at the Stanford Business School. He gained useful experience in General Electric Information Systems and in Star. From 1979 to May 2014, he was a senior partner in Gea Consulenti di Direzione for the Executive Search and Human Resources Development area. He is co-founder of Boniardi & Partners. He worked as an assistant at the Bologna University Faculty of Law in the Institute of Sociology of Law (1984-1988) and also held a contract lectureship in the Sociology of Law and Sociology of Labour at the Law Faculty of Milan’s Università degli Studi (2000-2005).He is a member of the scientific committee of the magazine Sviluppo e Organizzazione and, lastly, he is co-author of the book Leadership e organizzazione. Riflessioni tratte dalle esperienze di “altri” manager: 14 interviste fuori dal coro.

Francesca Puddu

Francesca Puddu

Born in Cagliari in 1975, Francesca Puddu has a degree and a PhD in Psychology from Milan’s Università Cattolica, majoring in Business and Organizational Psychology, as well as a Masters in Forensic Criminology and a specialization in organizational planning at SDA Bocconi. Straight after graduating, in the year 2000 she began her professional experience at Gea Consulenti di Direzione with an internship in the functional area of Human Resources and Organization.
She became a partner in GEA in 2013 and gained experience in the Recruiting and Executive Search field, in potential assessment projects at all organizational levels and in Training and Organizational Development alongside leading multinational and Italian companies in a range of different business sectors.
In 2014, she became co-founder of Boniardi&Partners.



Boniardi&Partners has developed a network of consolidated relations with professionals and companies in order to accomplish projects involving:

• corporate digitalization and the creation of new professional profiles and appropriate training courses
• coaching and developing executive skills
• analyzing the organizational climate

In addition, Boniardi&Partners works with Milan’s Catholic University’s department of the Psychology of Organizations

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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle"


Our human asset search and selection work involves:

  • analyzing organizational needs
  • understanding the cultural, organizational and business context
  • examining the client’s requests, both explicit and implicit
  • sharing the candidates’ professional and personal profiles with the client
  • defining ad hoc search criteria
  • understanding the candidates’ explicit and implicit characteristics and behaviour, “aligning the head, the eye and the heart” (Cartier- Bresson)
  • identifying the best match between the client’s requirements and the candidates’ expectations (Personnel & Organization Fitting)

Our brief is to select:



"Talent doesn’t caress, it bites"


Assessment is an everyday organizational process but one that is used structurally whenever a company needs to reflect on the quality and potential of its key resources: it is a delicate process, calling for methodological rigour, tact and attention to interpersonal dynamics.

Our approach is not limited to a “static” analysis of the person (“Who they are” “What they are like”) but extends to a “dynamic” appraisal (“What will they be like” “How can they grow and improve”): i.e. identifying ways and means that will help foster growth or point to alternative professional pathways.

On the one hand, this approach involves “personalizing” the method used – the type of tests considered and the way interviews are organized – and on the other, forging close links between organization, person and corporate culture.

“Let’s enrich each other with our reciprocal differences” as Paul Valéry wrote.

This is our challenge: to search, assess and enhance whatever is not immediately evident or only faintly discerned.


"Every brave person is brave in his own way"


By “training”, we mean helping to give form and content to the managerial development of the people who work, at various levels, within companies.

Training is our core business: for us it means completing the development pathways planned and shared with our clients, often the result of assessment, selection and organizational interventions.

We offer tailored solutions for the various professional seasons, such as:

  • experiencing leadership
  • working “in and for” the group
  • proactively handling stress
  • communicating and making yourself understood
  • appraising people
  • making the most of your team’s potential
  • coaching

We use methods, technology and innovative instruments without being dazzled by passing fads.

We are convinced that the reality of corporate life and the dynamics of interpersonal relations are what constitute effective training.

Lastly, we assess the results achieved carefully and rigorously, in order to monitor people’s effective growth and to highlight any faultlines


"Maps are useless on quicksand"


The fil rouge that links all our work is tendentially the commitment to working alongside our client companies to help them grow and improve their performance. We focus especially on supporting our clients in the trickier stages of organizational change in line with business dynamics.

We think of organizational development like a major artery fed by a series of side streets: a network that brings lifeblood to the company’s organizational fabric.

These “streets” go by the names of:

  • performance management
  • performance and potential assessment
  • analysis and organizational set-up plans
  • competitive analysis
  • professional position and role study

We believe that if organizational development is to be incisive and generate added value, it is up to us to stay committed and dedicated, on the one hand listening and suggesting creative ideas and, on the other, teaming up with our client.



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